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Welcome to our newsletter, What's On The Rise!

I am Lisa Lauzé, the vision holder for the philosophy of BirnamWood Rising.  BirnamWood is a living, breathing, energy rich entity that deserves a voice of its own. What's On The Rise is the vehicle to communicate the philosophy and practice behind what happens here, and there is a lot happening! The inspiration for BirnamWood Rising came from the property that I purchased in 2012. It has a history
of being a vibrant and rich environment - and some of that history is worthwhile sharing here. 

Built in the 40’s, and originally named Laburnum Cottage B & B, it was successfully run by Delphine Masterton. Ms. Masterton hosted Hollywood celebrities, countless guests, and even shot a commercial in the meticulous and award-winning gardens. There are few in this neighborhood who
don’t remember Ms. Masterston - and her name is synonymous with Laburnum Cottage. It later became the Inn of Penzance, and the owners exchanged their nuptials and celebrated in the gardens here. Shortly thereafter it returned to being a family home where a Homeopathic doctor ran her practice and gave birth to her son in the small cottage on the property - the same cottage where I write  from today, with my laptop and a warm cup of tea. 
So the soul of this soil was well cultivated when I purchased this property in early 2012, initially as a family home, and then it became apparent as it had to its predecessors, that the home could be the "home away from home" for others. It began with two separate ideas with a view for providing access to relationships and services from a deeper understanding of our internal world, the treatment of our external surroundings, and the meeting place where those two lines meet and paradoxically ceases to exist.
The internal perspective was born from a passion that began in the fall of 2008 when my then husband gifted me a one year membership with a group called The Platinum Partnership. It was an opportunity to be personally coached by Anthony Robbins, and meet with master teachers from around the world, The Partnership was an exceptional,
intimate experience of networking with extraordinary people who have an ongoing commitment to personal and professional achievement—and to giving back and sharing their good fortune with others.. During that  same year I had an ongoing hip problem that followed an otherwise unremarkable water skiing incident. Nearing the end of my year as a Platinum Partner I met and had the opportunity to discuss my "so called injury" with Dr. Donald Epstein. Dr. Epstein is the developer of    the evidenced based approaches Somato Respiratory Integration  (SRI,  AKA "The New Yoga") and Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). It was my own personal and profoundly life changing experience that I had with this work that inspired me to become an SRI educator and facilitator of Reorganizational Living (ROL), also known as Reorganizational Healing (ROH). Learn more about this work at Mr. Epstein's website - www.wiseworldseminars.com

As there are elements of truth in every discipline or modality, it is our mission with What's On The Rise to open a transparent dialogue and representation of authentic integral voices that we share the space at BirnamWood Rising with - To represent an integrated approach of living, and develop deeply meaningful and purposeful relationships within our community.

So, in the spirit of the transparency that we endeavour to achieve in this space, I invite you to direct any questions that you have to me personally lisa@birnamwoodrising.com