When trying to find our "nugget" - the thing that makes BirnamWood Rising unique - we came across an ancient Greek word "mouseion" or "mouseum". In literary circles it was also known as "The Temple of Muses". This concept is the inspiration for the meeting space that we have created in North Vancouver, BC, that is setting a new standard for philanthropreneurial ventures. The idea is that people gather in this space and share in the exchange of life experiences, wisdom, and the road less travelled - and that we too would be inspired and inspire others.

We are passionate about co-creating and aligning with shared visions for the advancement of both personal life strategies, as well as development of innovative products and concepts. Our goal is to cultivate an integral approach of body, mind and spirit, and provide a community of support and structure to develop the "nugget" or "product" that we all have within. While our approach is rooted in the tree of life, we reach to the tree of knowledge to create and support a new conscious multiple-win paradigm!

Features of our venue @ BirnamWood Rising:

  • Large meeting room equipped with a projector screen, built in sound system, practitioner tables, and chairs to accommodate groups of 40+
  • Full service kitchen with catering options
  • Stunning patio and award winning garden for outdoor breakout sessions
  • Many indoor breakout session areas
  • 6 guest rooms with private ensuite bathrooms
  • Expansive driveway for large gatherings
  • Somato Respiratory Integration sessions with Lisa Lauze, Network Spinal Analysis with Dr. Jay Lepp and Dr. Joyce Chen

For more information on what BirnamWood Rising can provide for you or your group, contact us today!

Lisa Lauzé